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Divorce Professional Newsletters

May 2017: From Deb's Desk; Merge of FDA Members with IDFA; Divorcing Late in Life; Don't Lose Out on Funds; Luck or Skill; Understanding Social Security Rules; 10 Rules for Entrepreneurs May June July Teleclass Offerings; Link for Teleclass Recordings

Nov/Dec 2016: From Deb's Desk; Changes in FDA for 2017 Live and Recorded Teleclass Offerings; Cooperative Co Parenting; Domestic Violence; December Teleclass Offering; Reduced Pricing on Teleclass Recordings

Sept/Oct 2016: From Deb's Desk; You and Your Divorce Settlement; Six Things Breadwinners Need to Do;Divorce doesn't Preclude Soc Security Spousal Benefits; Sept Webinar; Jeff Landers Book

July/Aug 2016: From Deb's Desk; A Financial Advisors Role in Post Divorce EstatePlanning; Four Surprising Ways Financial Advisors Help Society; Financial Tips for Women in a Divorce; July Teleclass Offerings; No August Teleclass to be offered

May/June 2016: From Deb's Desk; Think Divorce is Miserable?; Divorce in the Workplace; Death and Divorce don't get sympathy from Loan Servicers; See how your Likelihood of Divorce Changes with Age, Education and Ethnicity; June Teleclass Offerings

March/April 2016: From Deb's Desk; A Divoree's financial exit strategy; Keeping a Divorce from Killing your Finances; Don't Let Divorce Derail your Retirement; Divorcing: How to make sure your Ex Doesn't End up with your Assets; April Teleclass Offerings

January/February 2016: From Deb's Desk; Studies show couples wait til after the holidays to Divorce; A Surprising Finding About Divorce Women and Money; Social Security Changes will Hit Couples and Divorce Women Hard Breaking up is Hard to Do; Feb and March Teleclass Offerings

November/December 2015: Holiday Greetings; From Deb's Desk; Financially Prepared for Divorce?; Divorce and the Shared Mortgage; Who Gets the Retirement Accounts; Five Considerations in Fair Value of Property

September/October 2015: Harvest Time; From Deb's Desk; Divorce is All About the Money; Don't Let Infidelity Cloud Decision; Divorcing Women and Husband's Retirement; Could You Lose Your Business in Divorce?

July/August 2015: Staying Healthy; From Deb's Desk; Proposed Changes in Custody Law; Resetting your Retirement after Divorce; Divorce May NOT have Negative Impact on Health

May/June 2015: Providing Support; From Deb's Desk; The Dirty Money Conversation; Test Drive Divorce;Power of an Apology; It's Your Money

January/February 2015: The Grey Divorce; From Deb's Desk; Protecting Finances in Later Life Divorce; The Mid-Life Divorce: Dont' Get Taken; Divorce Threatens Retirement Assets; When Social Security Comes Into Play

March 2014: A high divorce rate means it's time to try 'wedleases'; How does divorce affect college financial aid?; If Your Husband Owns A Business, Watch Out For SIDS (Sudden Income Deficit Syndrome) Once Divorce Proceedings Start; From the Desk of Carol Ann

February 2014: Retired women face unique financial issues; How Reverse Mortgages Can Benefit Older Divorcing Women; From the Desk of Carol Ann



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