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Jan/Feb 2015  Newsletter for Divorce Professionals 

In This Issue:

  • The Grey Divorce
  • From Deb's Desk
  • Protecting Finances
  • Mid-Life Divorce
  • Retirement Assets Threatened
  • When Social Security Comes into Play


Tax Law Update 2015
A Review of Key Issues

Thurs, Jan 29th, 2015

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Financial Issues in Same Sex Divorce

Annuities & Divorce - Good, Bad and Ugly

Social Security Optimization

Mortgage & Divorce - Understanding new Lending Laws 


'Dividing Retirement Plan Assets in Divorce'

 the companion book to our November 2014 Teleclass with Author Howard M. Phillips

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The Grey Divorce - special considerations
Those of us in the Financial Divorce realm are seeing an alarming rise in the number of 50, 60, and 70-something couples seeking a divorce.  These later-in-life parting of ways, present us with special challenges that younger couples typically don't encounter.  Are you up to speed on the unique financial issues encountered by these 'grey' divorces?  We have provided links to some interesting articles to share with your clients and assist in honing your skills in this area!  The articles below are directed to practitioners; they are also a great tool for those contemplating divorce and useful to you in your marketing efforts. 

From Deb's Desk  

Deb Johnson,ChFC, CDFA, CFDS, President FDA   


 I am happy to have stepped into running FDA and want to continue to expand the training and products that are offered to the Financial Divorce Specialist.  I truly appreciate your patience as we work to give FDA a make-over! 

CFP Board instituted changes for 2015 that include stricter guidelines for awarding CE credits.  We applaud keeping a high standard for certification!  Make sure we have your CPF ID number so you can get the CE credit! 

We will continue to offer Teleclasses in 2015 - and provide you with the most up-to-date information on financial issues that impact you and your clients

  • Protecting Finances in 'Later Life' Divorce
  • When you're over 50 and facing divorce from a long-term marriage, coming to a settlement agreement that will safeguard a comfortable financial future is complicated.                                                                  
  • The Mid-Life Divorce:  Don't Get Taken, Don't Get Even
  • It's the 'grey liberation movement:  One in four divorces are now initiated by either a Baby Boomer or the generation before them.                                    
  • Divorce Threatens Retirement Assets
  • Those who find themselves newly single will have to manage with half the assets the couple saved for retirement - with little time to restore their accounts.                                                                                                 
  • When Social Security Comes Into Play in Divorce 
  • it is important that we become intimate with the Social Security rules as they relate to divorce.  Don't let opposing counsel convince you that she "should start her Social Security Benefits at 62".  Use one of the Social Security Analyzers that are available.  PLEASE NOTE:  You will need to login or set up a free account to access this article - the information is well worth the time!                                                                                               
  • Protecting Finances in 'Later Life' Divorce                                      

  • When Social Security Comes Into Play in Divorce  It is important that we become initimate with the Social Security rules as they relate to divorce.  Don't let opposing counsel convince you that she 'should start her Social Security Benefits at 62'.  Use one of the 

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